Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Jesus Wins

On the last Friday of November, I was coming from an open-air meeting when I met with boys who were coming from a football match, and they were very happy. I asked them why they were so happy, and they answered it was because they had won the game. The...

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Freed From Bondage

Natalie is a young lady who, for many years, conducted séances herself and practiced spiritualism. One day, she decided to attend one of our services in the church in the town of Contramaestre to listen to the message of God. The Holy Spirit touched her life that night and she...

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Finding a Home

On November 10, I visited a village, known as Makalavatt Village, for evangelism. It is 36 kilometers from where I live. After I arrived there, I started going door-to-door for evangelism. Eventually, I reached a house and met two children without any person at home with them. I asked them about...

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Love Thy Neighbor

On this occasion, I was giving an evangelistic campaign in the local Church that pastored for the Grace of God. It was a time of great blessing because I was able to share the Good News of Salvation to the neighbors of the house where we serve as Pastors. People...

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